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Our first project!

First, let's get this out of the way: I don't like ANY of the paint colors in our new house.  I really don't know who chose these colors, but my feeling is they either couldn't really see yellow or they really REALLY liked yellow, because every color they used has a yellowish tint.  The entire downstairs is yellowish-green, the upstairs rooms are yellowish-white, the kitchen is yellowish-orange, and the upstairs bathroom is was baby-poopy-yellowish-brown.
Clearly, the bathroom wall color was the first thing that needed to go.

I decided pretty much immediately that I wanted something soothing, a nice blue-green color, and Darling Husband went along with it, saying "I don't know, that's your job" when I asked what he thought.  I bet he wishes the prepping and painting was entirely my job, as well!
We removed the gross orange baseboards, which were secured using FOUR INCH NAILS!  Come on, people!  Isn't that a little bit of overkill?  The prepping took a lot longer than we had originally planned, due to the serious over-use of caulk on every. single. little. teeny. crack.  When we were pulling the baseboards off, there was so much caulk on top of and behind every one of them that it ended up pulling the paper off the drywall (which was installed right on top of the plaster, and cut to fit around the trim on the door and window.  What!?  I swear, it makes me so mad when people don't just do things right!) so we had a LOT of patching and sanding to do before we could even start to paint.   
I was in charge of cutting in around the edges and D.H. was in charge of roller-ing, and we made out like bandits - once we actually started painting it went really fast.  And in no time we had all the new hardware installed, everything cleaned up, and every time I walked into the bathroom for about 3 days I would sigh loudly and say, "I LOVE our new bathroom!"

We even installed a new light fixture (prompting us to call ourselves "master electricians" for the rest of the day), going from this hideous disaster... this lovely, clean lined beauty.  
(Please don't mind the roller smudge on the was getting pretty late and our hand-eye coordination was a little off.)

Of course, there are still several things I want to do to this little W.C., like removing the uber-trendy 12-inch tile on the floor and installing some sweet, more age-appropriate-for-a-century-old-house black-and-white basketweave tile; and re-staining the trim around the door and window...they are in some bad shape.  And I've been on the hunt for a new vanity for over a month now.  But for the moment, I'm happy to be free of that baby-poopy-yellowish-brown paint.  


jaesi said...


Joshua said...

MUCH better. =)

kamcicle said...

holy...and i thought the mustard yellow that they covered my appt in was bad. but you know what i say?? the worse it looked before, the BETTER it looks now! it's beautiful! and that color makes it look so much bigger.

D.H. said...

Tonya forgot to mention how cute she looked in my old coal mine bibs that she wore for the duration of this project. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken. She also failed to mention that aside from endlessly getting in her way, my contribution to this project was minimal and she probably did 90% of it. She's kind of a badass that way.