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I. Am. A. Loser.

A big, fat, loser.  I'm so sorry for not keeping up my end of the bargain with this blog; i.e., keeping you apprised of the daily drudgery (and not so drudgery) that is my life.  So here is a quick update.

I am crazy in love with this goofy guy.

I have been completely exhausted and had no energy for the past two months, so I went to the doctor yesterday and discovered I have a "sluggish thyroid" and now have to take thyroid medicine because my body evidently thinks it is okay to act like a 70-year-old woman. 

 I bought the CUTEST new shoes on clearance the other weekend.

It has been raining for two weeks, and I'm ready for it to stop.

I got a new, shiny iMac for myself with my tax return
I planted tomatoes, strawberries, onions, peas, zucchini, watermelon, rhubarb, mint, artichokes, peppers, and lots of herbs in my sweet little garden.  

I am going to Tennessee for my lovely Diana's wedding next weekend, and I'm super excited to see her cute self!

I have been officially graduated from pharmacy school for two years now, and I still feel like a kid playing house.  I also got a B+ in my finance 504 class this past semester.  On to the next!

My job by turns delights me and makes me want to gouge my eyes out.  But it's still better than retail.  

So there you are!  I'll try to be better now that I'll hopefully have a little more energy and can get by with less than 14 hours of sleep a day.  Hopefully.  :)