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Oh Christmas Tree...

I'm no good.  This blog thing eludes me.  I can't find enough things to say to keep it going.  Also, my new job requires me to stare at a computer ALL. Day. Long.  It makes me never want to look at my own beautiful computer, ever again.  But my Darling Husband keeps telling me I need to update, so here I am.

We moved!  We live in a 100-year old house in Washington, PA.  It's wonderful, but we can't help but dream about what we want to do to make it better.  Game room?  Piano room?  Man cave?  There are nothing but possibilities.  And also no money or time, so the dreaming goes on.

We had a good Christmas.  We stayed in PA, had Christmas Eve dinner with the in-laws at Jackie and Lex's house in Pittsburgh, and then had our own lazy Christmas at home where we stayed in our PJs all day.

We also got to go hunt down our own Christmas tree, it was a beautiful, sunny day and we went with Jackie and Lex (and half of Pittsburgh) and ended up with a beauty.
Lex and D.H.

D.H., trusty saw wielder

D.H. and Jackie, carrying our tree (all 11 feet of it!)

Please don't mind the ugly light fixture...we have super high ceilings so we got a super tall tree...the only problem was we didn't have enough decorations to fill it up properly!

Our first married Christmas tree in our first house.