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Florida is beautiful this time of year

Went to Betharino's wedding in Florida this weekend, and it was completely perfect - sun, friends, great parties, and a beautiful, glowing bride. I did a reading at the ceremony and barely made it through before I broke down and cried like a baby. It was so beautiful. And I got to lay by the pool in November, so it was pretty much the best weekend of my life.


Get me to the church on time

So, my baby brother Levi got married this weekend. My mom had all of three and a half weeks to plan everything, and she's amazing, because it turned out really nice. Too bad my pictures didn't turn out as nice, but my camera kindof bites the big one.

The ceremony (don't ask me why they were facing us, they're weird.)

The first married-couple-kiss

Cutting the cake

Julie and I (I've gotta stop taking pictures with her, she makes me look bad.)


Tonight, at 11:00

So, I don't know what it is, but I have a thing for newscasters, specifically
the three pictured here. I'm so attracted to them, and it doesn't matter if they're married (Colbert), gay (Cooper, although his mom was Gloria Vanderbilt, I'm not sure if he really had a choice), or older (Williams). They're intelligent, witty, and so smooth, what is that? Do they practice, or does it come naturally? I get sucked into watching them, even when I don't really care about what they're talking about. And they're so funny! Brian Williams was on Conan the time Darcy and I went to a filming of the show in New York, and he freaking cracked me up (even though his really really long hands kindof freak me out a little). Of course Colbert is hilarious, and even Anderson Cooper can be funny when he's not being all full of himself and preachy. Perhaps it's my destiny to marry an intelligent, funny, handsome, witty (and hopefully straight) newscaster man. That or it's just a cruel way to remind me that I don't know any guys like that.


I can finally RELAX!

So I took the MPJE today (the pharmacy law exam) and now I am officially ready to never take an exam again!!

I took the NAPLEX on Sunday, after studying for 2 weeks, and decided afterward that I should've just taken it two weeks ago and gotten it over with - the studying helped me not at ALL. Hopefully I won't have to take it again.

From what I hear, it takes about 10 days to hear from DOPL to see if I have a license or not. I'll keep you posted.


Tagged? What does that even mean?

Ash tagged me, and as far as I can tell, that means I have to answer the questions, I think...(thanks for giving me something to do while I ignore studying for the boards!)

Jobs I've held:
1. Display setter at Bath and Body Works
2. Costume shop girl at Dixie Theater
3. Registration office at Dixie
4. Pharmacy graduate intern (soon to be pharmacist) at Target pharmacy

Movies I can watch over and over again
1. Tommy Boy
2. Arrested Development on DVD
3. Anne of Green Gables
4. Lost in Translation

My Guilty Pleasures
1. Napping
2. Shopping
3. Napping
4. Napping

Places I've lived
1. Vernal, Utah
2. St. George, Utah
3. Baltimore, Maryland
4. Salt Lake City, Utah

Shows I enjoy
1. The Office
2. Scrubs
3. I Love the 80s
4. Colbert Report

The first things you thought of when you saw your significant other
*I do not have a significant other, so I'll go with Kami*
1. "I thought she'd be blonde" (isn't everyone from Utah blonde?)
2. "If she's crying, it's okay if I do, too!"
3. "I'm SO glad to have someone in Baltimore who understands me!"
4. "She's just like me!"

Places I've been on vacation
1. Las Vegas, baby!
2. San Diego, California
3. Bahamas
4. San Francisco, California

Favorite Foods
1. Jamaican Jerk Pizza from CPK
2. Brownies (or anything dense and chocolatey)
3. Pork salad at Cafe Rio
4. Dad's snickerdoodles

Websites I visit daily
2. Jaesi, Kaysie, Cassie, and Ashley's blogs

Body parts I have injured
1. I dropped my dresser on my big toe when I was moving into my apt in Salt Lake (the toenail is almost all grown back!)
2. Broke my collarbone in a car accident
3. Bruised my tailbone several times falling down stairs (it'll never be the same...)
4. Um...I always have bruises from running into things because I'm a complete klutz

Awards I've won
1. Full-tuition scholarship to BYU (but I didn't go there! Suckers!)
2. Coloring contest when I was 12
3. I won a talent show once, I sang a song and was in a skit about...something...
4. My dad thinks I'm the prettiest and the most special

Nick names you've been called
1. Tonya Pawannee
2. TonyaLouWho
3. Tonie Scrawnie
4. Ton, Tons, SuperTons, Tuna, Is Tonya Hunting?, and Shortstuff

Now I get to pick 4 other bloggers to tag, but I only know three others:
1. Jaesi
2. Kaysie
3. Cassie

Have fun!


Number 1.

We'll see if this actually takes off for me. Right now, though, I have to eat something.