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ESPN 8 - The Ocho!

Yes, it appears I've been tagged...
[eight] shows I love to watch:
1.  Arrested Development
2.  Seinfeld
3.  The Simpsons
4.  The Office
5.  Scrubs
6.  What Not to Wear
7.  My Name is Earl
8.  Anything on History or Discovery
Of course, this is all hypothetical, because I only watch about an hour or two of TV a week...

[eight] things that happened yesterday:
1.  I pretty much broke up with my boyfriend
2.  Took a bath
3.  Cried
4.  Drank a glass of wine
5.  Cried some more
6.  Got a huge headache from crying
7.  Listened to Sarah Mclachlan to calm down
8.  Cried myself to sleep

[eight] favorite places to eat:
1.  Home
2.  Cafe Rio
3.  Red Robin or Training Table
4.  That sushi place in Ogden
5.  Paper Moon (Baltimore)
6.  Cafe Hon (Baltimore)
7.  Any place with delish Thai or Chinese food
8.  People's homes on the Indian reservation I did a rotation at in New Mexico - BEST green chile EVER!

[eight] things I am looking forward to:
1.  Falling asleep tonight
2.  Not feeling like shit over breaking up with someone I still really like
3.  Paying off my student loans (in 20 years...)
4.  Landscaping my backyard
5.  Darcy visiting in the spring
6.  Seeing my brother this weekend
7.  Another glass of wine and another bath
8.  Getting a second job

[eight] things on my wish list:
1.  Having someone give me $500,000 to pay off everything I'm in debt for (school, home, car, etc.)
2.  Jeremy to call and say he wants to be with me after all, OR
3.  Stop feeling like shit about breaking up with him
4.  Live by the ocean
5.  Have enough time and energy to cook my own meals and take care of my house and yard
6.  Lose 15 pounds
7.  That gorgeous ring from Tiffany's
8.  Live by all my closest friends

And I'm sure you all feel much less depressed now that you've read this ridiculous post.  I know I do.