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Things My Betrothed Says, #5

On the subject of late afternoon/evening naps:
Me: It's a pre-sleep sleep.
D.H.: or a Nappetizer.


Things My Betrothed Says, #4

In response to the song Sledgehammer playing on the radio: Peter Gabriel rocks so hard!



There's never a good time for crappy things to happen, but why can't they happen at only moderately inconvenient times instead of terrible times??  D.H. and I came home to a busted water heater on Friday, with hot water leaking pouring out of the top of the water heater onto the concrete floor in the basement.  We called the plumber and he confirmed our suspicions - time for a new water heater.  Of course it would be the same weekend we have to pay off our wedding in Mexico.  Blah.


It's Finally Spring!!

Ah, the lovely weather, the greening of the great outdoors, the flowers and sunshine....and the allergies.  Gah!  But I'm still glad it's spring, finally!  I thought it would never get here for real.  Love it.

Here's a link to my wedding webpage and registries for those of you who are interested.  It's a little difficult because we already have everything we need, so our wishlist is more 'things we want.'

I took D.H. to Vegas for his birthday this year - the big three-oh!  I actually SURPRISED him with Vegas for his birthday, and then the actual trip was for both of us.  I'm SO proud of myself for actually pulling it off, too!  I can't keep secrets to save my life, and I kept this one for months!  So here's how it happened:

  • September 2009 - I start planning, getting really excited and giddy, but with no one to tell!
  • Early January 2010 - get reservations for flight and hotel (at the Wynn/Encore - nice, but pretty boring.  Would not recommend.)  Also reserve a rental car.  Travel dates 4/8-4/12.  
  • 2 hours later - I tell D.H. I just bought his birthday present and I am so excited!  But I can't tell him what it is.  
  • February 2010 - e.mail Mark, D.H.'s boss, to get the days off
  • The next day - receive e.mail from Mark saying he made up a fake meeting for D.H. to 'go to' in Salt Lake City, to keep him from going down to the mine on the day we were to it is on for real!
  • End of March 2010 - I have my boss Gayle make up a fake schedule for me to put on the fridge at home (where I always put it) so a certain someone won't get suspicious about all those days off
  • April 7 2010 - T minus 1 day!  I pack the suitcases and get everything ready to go while D.H. is at work, and hide them under the bed.  I also print out boarding passes, itineraries, and tickets to shows, put them all in a folder and put a big ol' bow on it, and hide it next to my treadmill.
  • April 8, 8:00am - D.H. sleeps in, and I take the keys and unlock the truck, then put the keys back in D.H.'s coat pocket, then I get ready and "go to work" at 9am.  I actually go to the flower shop around the corner and get a balloon (with dinosaurs on it, perfect for a new 30 year old) and some deeeee-licious candy from V-chocolates here in Salt Lake.  Then I come home and put the goodies and the big bow-ed folder on the front seat of his truck.  Now I sit in my car and wait...
  • April 8, 9:45am - I watch D.H. walk out to his truck, so I get out of the car and I'm standing in front of the truck when he looks up at me from the folder with the MOST confused look on his face.  I walk around to him and tell him happy birthday, we're going to Vegas.
  • April 8, 9:51am - D.H. is still incredibly confused.  I have to explain to him that we are going to Vegas today, this afternoon.  He says, "but I have to go to this meeting," and I say, "there is no meeting."  I'm afraid his brain will explode, he is just not grasping what is happening.  
  • Meanwhile - I'm completely giddy that the whole thing worked and at D.H.'s reaction
I did finally get D.H. to come inside and explained everything to him, the whole process, and he called his boss to confirm - Mark was laughing the entire time he was on the phone - that he actually didn't have to go to work today.  It was pretty awesome.  And he was just shocked.  Which was also awesome, at least to me.  

We made it to Vegas and had a lovely time, we got a lot of sleep, we got some sun, and we got some amazing foods.  We also saw the Cirque du Soleil show le Reve at the Wynn, 30 Seconds to Mars at the Palms, and Frank Caliendo ("strategery") at the Monte Carlo.  I took D.H. to Fremont Street (thoroughly depressing, especially during the day), we shopped and laughed and had a lot of fun.  My finest hour.  Or long weekend, or whatever.  

And that's about all that's going on with me lately.  The wedding is in 17 days, and I'm getting SUPER excited!  Woo!