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Recent Favorites

Frozen Caramel (formerly I.C. Caramel) at Panera Bread....600 calories of deliciousness with a big, fat straw!

My new DROID!  I got the Droid Incredible, and it is INCREDIBLE!  It can do anything!  I'm in love.  Who ever thought I'd be in love with a phone??

Still not working...however I don't really love having no money.


Recent Favorites

Having someone else pack and move all our stuff = AWESOME!

Having our cars shipped to us in PA so we could fly instead of driving across the country = AWESOME!

Early fall weather - heavenly and cool, and I forget how green everything is in the East!

Fabulous in-laws who take care of us when we are homeless, and a mother-in-law who makes great food!

Not working.

Happy Labor Day everyone!  Mwah!