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I have HAD it!

So, I've had this wretched cold for a week now - my third already this year!  I cough, blow my nose a thousand times a day, have headaches and a sore throat, fevers (I haven't had a fever since I was in single digits!), and just pretty much feel like poo.  On the days I work I just pray a mistake doesn't slip through my cold-compressed brain, and on my days off all I do is sleep and lay around like a slug.  I've gotta say, I'm 100% sick of it.


I Heart NY

I recently went to New York for a week with Darcy (can I say no to a free hotel room in New York City for a week???) and it was fantastic!  We saw shows, spent the day in Central Park, ate amazing food (hello, Angelo's pizza!), went shopping, and basically enjoyed NY for what it is: the Best City Ever.  

Also, my darling friends Diana and Nic got engaged the other day!!  Congratulations!  


Things I really love (thanks Ash)

That first really warm day of spring
My family
New York City
Road trips + great music + fun people
Houseplants that stay alive under my care
Friends old and new
Finding a darling coat/dress/pair of shoes at a screaming deal
Knowing the answer to a drug question without having to look it up
A good read
Laying out on the beach with enough sunscreen and good sunglasses when it's just warm enough
Curel unscented lotion
Making Levi laugh (it's hard to do!)
Arrested Development