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Hello my darlings...

Sorry for the belated post!  Things have been fairly busy for me lately.

-I am taking Introduction to Corporate Finance this semester, one of the four classes I need to finish with my MBA.  So far I have learned one very important lesson: I am not very good at finance.

-I am in love with a boy from Pittsburgh who currently lives in Price, Utah.  His name is DH Hamilton, and he is a coal geologist for a mine near Price.  He works upwards of 50 hours a week, so we only get to see each other on weekends.  We typically spend Friday night through Sunday afternoon together, and love every minute of it.  I'm not sure if it's fate or luck or kismet that brought us together...but whatever it is, I'm very grateful.

-Work is going well - they are remodeling our building, so things are a little hectic at the moment.  Today they were glue-ing down the carpet, and the fumes gave me a migraine and I had to come home early.  But I still have the easiest job ever and it's paying the bills, so I can't complain.  

-Somehow my computer erased all the playlists from my iTunes.  I'm not happy about it.

-I'm going to Florida for 10 days in March with DH, and I'm going to meet his parents...I'm a little nervous!!  But I'm more excited than nervous, because I will get to go to Disneyworld and lay on the beach when it's still only 40 degrees in Utah!  Yay!

-I am writing this post as a way of ignoring my homework.  But I can't think of anything else to say, so I guess it's back to work!