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Workin' for the Weekend

So as many of you may already know, I recently got a new job.  I figured, I've now been out of school a year, I've been a licensed pharmacist working at Target for a whole 5 months now, it's time to try something new-and that something new is called Pharmerica.  (Every time I say it I feel stupid because it's such a stupid name and it reminds me of Kramerica Industries.)  However, it is turning out to be the best job EVER!  

Pharmerica (*wince*) is what we in the biz call a 'closed door' pharmacy, contracted with long term care facilities like nursing homes and such.  It's 'closed door' because we do business directly with the nurses and doctors at the facilities, and don't have people bringing their prescriptions to us to fill.  

I've worked there five days now, and I can't believe I actually get paid the same money to do this as I was at Target.  It's a BREEZE!  All I have to do is check prescriptions for interactions, clinical appropriateness, etc, etc....I don't have to enter orders, or speak with insurance companies or grumpy customers, or stand for 12 hours a day without even getting to go to the restroom, or anything, I get to actually BE a pharmacist!  I haven't been even remotely yelled at for over a week, and I gotta tell ya, it feels sensational.  I work Monday through Friday, 9-6, with a WHOLE HOUR for lunch-no more 12-13 hour days!  No more scarfing down my lunch in 10 minutes!  It's AWESOME!!!  

So, in case any of you were wondering if Tonya is happy in her new job, the answer is a tepid, "it's pretty okay."  :)


Happy, Happy Birthday From All of Me to You!

I wish it was my birthday, so I could party too, HEY!

Happy birthday yesterday to two of my nearest and dearest, Kami and Ashley!!! 

Is it odd that two of my best friends have the same beeday?  Maybe I'm just attracted to the Tauruses.  

I love you both!