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It's about huggin' time!

Hello my friends!  Finally I have the energy and time to update.  Firstly, the trip to Bear Lake...I went up for the weekend of July 24th with Kami, her mom, her sister and brother in law and their 3 kids.  It was SO relaxing and wonderful!  We laid out all day, we ate lots of junk food, and we went jet-skiing. 

Secondly, Soumi and Aninda's wedding in New Jersey.  My first (and possibly only) Indian wedding, and it was absolutely beautiful!  I also got to see a bunch of friends from pharmacy school, so that was great as well.  I stayed with Beth and Brett, and Bethy took me to the beach and to get a massage on the first day, and that evening I went to the Mendhi party at Soumi's parents' house.  The next day was the wedding, which was just fantastic and chaotic and noisy and ornate and crazy, with the cocktail party and reception to follow.  

And I still have not gotten everything put away in my house, but I have the next couple of days off, so hopefully I'll have some pictures up this weekend.  Love you all!