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The Countdown is On!

The countdown until we get into our new house is ON!  We put in our offer for this beautiful house in East Washington Borough around the 1st of October, the negotiations are in full swing - we're currently waiting for the bank to do their appraisal/inspection - and we close in 24 days!  SO exciting!

The house is absolutely beautiful - it's smack in the middle of an old, tree-lined-street kind of neighborhood, it was built in 1910, it has all the charm of an older house but it's been completely updated and beautifully maintained (original hardwood floors!  Crown moulding in every room!  walk-up attic with views of the neighborhood!  maid's staircase!  stained glass window!  laundry chute!).  D.H. and I spend most of our time together talking about what we want to do with the house, where we want to put our (meager) furniture, what furniture we need to get, etc. etc.  We are basically upgrading from about 1000 square feet of livable space to roughly 2700 square feet of livable space with room to expand!

Part of what makes it SO crazy-exciting is that we are presently in a dumpy little rental house which is pretty gross - but the owner was willing to go month to month with no lease, which was what we needed because we knew we'd be finding a house soon.  Our excitement is probably equal parts hooray-for-the-new-house and hooray-for-getting-out-of-this-craphole.  Woo!

As soon as we put in the offer the realtor took all the listings down, so the only pictures I could find are here, and they aren't great...but they'll give you an idea!


jaesi said...

ooooh LOVE the kitchen!

I would warn you about an old home-
but you have already been a home owner....
but I will say- I couldnt wait to get my leather couches and new mini van when we moved here- but reality set in and couches and vehicles quickly went on the bottom of the list once things started to go...etc- furnace, fridges, garbage disposals, roofs, you know all the junk of an old home. We have definitely learned our lesson :)

but an extra 1700 square feet?!! WONDERFUL!

kamicicle said...


Tonya said...

Jaesi - it has a brand new kitchen, roof, windows, electric - all the hard stuff has already been done! Woot!

Skye said...

How exciting. Good luck with closing and all that other stuff.